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It's Not Just Another Cover-Up

It's Not Just Another Cover-Up! - Pam Bono I have such an extensive quilt book library already, it is rare that I find a book with very much "new under the sun" for me. When I go shopping for books, I usually haunt close-out stores and used bookstores. Since the books in such places are usually relatively inexpensive, I am more lenient about what books will come home with me.

For instance, I purchased this book for $3.00 at Big Lots. When I quickly flipped through the pages at the store, I made the assumption that I could find "three dollars worth" of patterns in the book. I was not disappointed.

Whereas most of the patterns in this book are really not my style, I did find two patterns that I really liked: "In The Pines" and "Log Cabin Duvet". (I am always a sucker for the log cabin pattern, and this had the added enticement of being a rag quilt.)

However, perhaps the most useful aspect was that the general instructions detail an interesting technique for handling diagonal corners. The technique itself really isn't anything new -- but this book and its patterns pushes the diagonal corner treatment in a direction that I'd never really thought of before.

Since I haven't constructed any of the patterns yet, I cannot attest to the accuracy of, or the ease of following, the directions for the projects. However, from a brief glance, the directions seem to be very thorough. It appears if you followed the directions faithfully, an intermediate quilter would be able to complete what initially appears to be a quite complicated pattern.